Status update


What I’ve been doing lately. In English so that Fred can read this. Others are welcome to do so, naturally.


I have completed my bachlelor’s thesis (on a posteriori error approximation of the Stokes equation solved using the Uzawa algorithm, in Finnish), though bachelor’s degree is roughly one philosophy course from completion. I am now writing my master’s thesis on the Hamilton-Jacobi partial differential equation. I am doing the writing as a trainee at the Jyväskylä university.


I have started this nice hobby called historical swordsmanship. We learn to kill people with dagger, longsword, and without them. We also learn to defend ourselves from the same. Not having done any sports or any other exercise (aside from occasional running and generally moving by foot whenever reasonable) I learn awfully slowly and make stupid mistakes all the time. It is very humbling, which is nice, but also rewarding, as I sometimes do figure something out. Some of the techniques can be seen in these Youtube videos, though those people reside in Helsinki – we are a minor branch here in Jyväskylä.


I roleplay weekly in the student village rpg group (called Ropeapina). Right now I am playing Caerwyn, a bard and loremaster of one particular Orlanthi village. The game is Runequest (quite old version, which has been translated to Finnish) and Ludosofy is the game master.

I’ve been writing some material on two roleplaying games; one in English, the other in Finnish. Nothing fit for sharing on a public blog yet, though.

With Aleksi I will in Ropecon hold a presentation on making and playing good character in tabletop roleplaying games. I might also run a game or two, if inspiration strikes.


With a handful of good friend in cottage partially owned by one of them, located in Jämsä. This is a photograph of the cottage, I think.


I am semi-active in Piraattipuolue, the Finnish pirate party. More information on the international movevent can be found via Pirate party international, I dearly hope.

I will likely run for the Finnish parliament in the elections.



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